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Xtreme 2017 Season

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Catching/Pitching Skills, Technique and Development Clinics


Catching/Pitching Skills

Technique and Development Clinics 

Dates: Mondays 11/20 - 12/11

Time: 4:30 pm -6:00 pm

Where: Nealon Baseball Field

Ages: 10 - 12

        Stretching and Flexibility: Proper stretching and flexibility are especially crucial for catchers and pitchers. You will learn position specific stretching exercises and routines that will increase your comfort and agility while reducing your chances of injury.

         Mechanics: Catching and pitching are skilled positions that require unique and specific mechanics that are unlike the other positions in baseball. You will learn tips and tricks that will simplify the skills needed to gain VELOCITY, DURABILITY and ACCURACY in pitching as well as BLOCKING, THROWING, and RECEIVING for catching.

         Drills:  Designed to solidify mechanics and gain competitive edge. Designed to used for years afterwards and help achieve continued success as the athlete gets older.

      Mental Toughness: Catching and pitching are physically the toughest positions to play and requires mental toughness like none other. Information given by the coaches and situations that the players will be put in will help develop the mental toughness needed for success.

 Cost: $175.00

Register here 



Winter Pitching / Catching Clinic

For: serious players looking to develop their skills during the winter months in anticipation of upcoming Little League and High School tryouts.

This program is  set to prepare players for next level of baseball.

Clinic 1: Sunday, 12/10/17

Session 1: Ages 9-11 9am-12pm

Session 2: Ages 12-13 12:30-3:30pm

Session 3: Ages 14-15 12:30-3:30pm

Where: Nealon Baseball Field


Clinic 2: Sunday, 1/7/18

Session 1: Ages 9-11 9am-12pm

Session 2: Ages 12-13 12:30-3:30pm

Session 3: Age 14 only 12:30-3:30pm

Where: Nealon Baseball Field

Cost: $125.00 per session 

Dec 10: Register here

Jan 7: Register here

        Pitching and Catching: Our clinic will feature a small player/coach ratio and will be staffed by current college baseball coaches. Our pitching clinic will help each player develop their skill set by focusing on learning pitching mechanics, developing different pitches and grips, pre and post throwing routines, as well as holding runners and pick off moves. Our catching clinic will help each player improve their skills at receiving, blocking, throwing. We will also cover pre game and in game routines, as well as pitch calling and working with pitching staff. 

        Session 1 of each clinic will be limited to 24 pitchers and 12 catchers. Sessions 2 and 3 will be limited to 12 pitchers and 6 catchers per session. **Sessions 2 and 3 will run simultaneously but will each be separated by age.

        Please contact clinic director, Jimmy Meuel with any additional questions at jmeuel@gmail.com (650) 387-3635.


by posted 10/03/2017
Cooperstown 2017

Xtreme Baseball attended Week 7 of tournaments at Cooperstown Dreams Park with 2 teams, Xtreme Aftershock and Xtreme Vortex. The players stayed in the barracks onsite in an adjoining bunk house from Saturday 7/15/17 and had a blast together. After the Cooperstown Dreams Park opening ceremony on Saturday afternoon, there were skills competitions where our Xtreme players had fun and performed well (Rowan K for the Golden Arm competition - see results). The teams each had two games on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with rain delays causing game delays and fun times in the barracks (see regular game results and standings). In addition to playing baseball, the teams visited the Baseball Hall of Fame and had team dinners (pizza, BBQ) together and a super fun team party (mini golf, laser tag, s'mores) on Tuesday 7/18/17 night. The teams entered the single-elimination tournament on Wednesday 7/19/17 and played their hearts out ending their week with a 5-3 record (Aftershock) and a 3-4 record (Vortex). The week in Cooperstown was magical and memorable for this special group of players, coaches and families. Go Xtreme!

by posted 07/27/2017
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